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Mark Miller, VP of Training at Chick-Fil-A tells the story of how Jack was on his "short list" of people that have had a major influence in his life.





2 minute video introduction by Jack of Quantum Mind – Now Memory Genius



Jack Lannom | 10 Commandments Video

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You Are A Genius


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Video Testimonials

Bob Lizana - Owner/General Contractor – How he used to take test for his business and with his children.

David Younts - CEO – Don Shula’s Steakhouse Restaurants – How he used with the employees at his restaurant chain.
Dr. Abraham Fischer - Chairmen Emeritus of Nova Southeastern University – How he used and acknowledge’s Jack Memory Program.


Jack Lannom’s Time-Tested Learning Methods Open the Door of the Mind, Making ALL Things Possible... We hear you snickering over there... "ME?! A Memory Genius®?? You’ve GOT to be kidding me...."


Boy Confused at ChalkboardThe truth is - the same thing would have happened if someone had made the same statement to the program’s creator, Jack Lannom, back when he was in high school. Jack went to high school in Nashville, Tennessee, and the report cards HE brought home were... well, less than glowing.


Some of them left his folks GROWLING! Somehow, he managed to graduate high school without EVER reading a single book... Part of the problem was simply inattention: he was bored, uninvolved. But there was another problem as well.


Though it felt like all of the odds were against him, Jack stubbornly refused to give up on his education. He was determined to earn his degree in Psychology. Despite his less than stellar high school performance, the university approved his admission – but ONLY on a probationary period.


And while his commitment to excel never wavered, he still struggled to discover what it would take to get ahead. Sound familiar?


Those who seek, find... Jack’s efforts were soon rewarded by a chance 30-minute encounter with a total stranger that would change his life forever.


After years of formal education, Jack had discovered a powerful secret: he suddenly understood the mechanics of left-brain and right-brain thinking and how they could be combined to unleash the potential of whole-brain learning!


After that, nothing was ever the same... The "probationary" student who’d barely made it into college by the seat of his pants suddenly saw dramatic improvements in his grades. He started making As, and then – before he knew it – there was HIS name right there on the Dean’s list.


And do you know what the icing on the cake was? growthHis Professors suddenly became HIS students! The transformation was so incredible and his progress was so remarkable that before very long, the university started offering college credits for students that enrolled in Jack’s program.


Even before his fourth year in college, Jack had already launched his very first successful business – all thanks to an encounter, a providential meeting.


Now, all of these years later, Jack has used these skills to revolutionize his own life and totally transform the lives of others:


...One person at a time.


...One organization at a time.


He’s already helped tens – hundreds – of thousands of others. Why shouldn’t YOU be next?!


ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00

You Are A Genius


What would your life be like if you could:

• Learn EVERYTHING faster?
• Tap into the Power of Multi-Sensory Learning?
• Make Educational Leaps & Bounds?
• Gain a SUSTAINABLE Competitive Advantage?
• Earn Higher Test Scores with Less Effort?
• Get Better Promotions – FASTER?
• Improve Your Memory?
• Boost Your Concentration?

"I want to thank you for your transformational learning tapes. I saw you one night on TV and received your tapes as a birthday gift. They have been a great asset to me so far. I had always had a fear of public speaking because I easily lost my train of thought and had trouble retaining or connecting themes. Not any more. Two weeks ago I spoke at the closing ceremony of a four-day retreat. There were a couple of hundred people present and needless to say, I was nervous. My confidence quickly grew, however, as I began to speak and moved from my mailbox to my driveway to my front porch...with no notes. Thank you again for equipping me with such useful tools."

Paul Mancini | Concord, New Hampshire

• Never Forget Another Name, Phone Number, Appointment or Where You Left Your Keys?
• Retain Information Longer?
• Triple Your Efficiency?
• Work Smarter – Not Harder?
• Store AND Retain ANY New Information You Receive – REGARDLESS of Format: Verbal, Written, English, Foreign, Technical, or Simple?
• Systemize Information Logically & Efficiently?woman with books


Can you even get your mind around the possibilities and promise offered by unearthing your own Inner Memory Genius®?

Can you truly comprehend the POWER of learning HOW to learn instead of just WHAT to learn?


"Just sending you a BIG THANK YOU! I’ve been listening to your CDs and I am slow but so far I am on the Presidents List. HI 5 Jack, Your energy in your books and CDs is so, as you would say, contagious. I love it. I love the way you make learning FUN. I met you in Huntsville, Alabama, and I am the person who graduated from high school and never had the desire to further my education. Until I met Mr. Jack Lannom. Thank you for opening my eyes to the wonderful fun way of learning and using my mind."

Sheryl Batchelor | Huntsville, Alabama

Turn Your Back on the Past...Graduation

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ALWAYS struggled to learn...

It doesn’t matter who you are, what grades you make/made, what your IQ is (or isn’t), how much you earn or even how old you are...


The Memory Genius® system can be mastered by ANYONE! The results you can achieve – even though they may SEEM magical are TYPICAL and can be reproduced and achieved regardless of:



...intelligence status, or

...cultural background!

"Dear Jack, I have really enjoyed working with your memory program, Quantum Mind/Memory Genius™. So much so that when my wife was out of town for two weeks I devoted nearly all my time to learning ( I can't believe it!) one thousand memory pegs. It did take quite a lot of time but I feel it was well worth it. The 43 presidents are easy for me but it still takes almost an hour for me to write down the 1000 memory pegs. For a few of the harder ones I have used enhancements and made up my own. A few examples are 69 and 96. I can't tell you what it is in this letter but it's easy to guess, and an extra benefit of 96 is that it connects me up with 56 which was difficult but now I get all three every time. Also I had difficulty remembering one planet but now it's easy for me now that I found a place to put the putter.


The main thing that I was looking for when I started this course was to change part of my personality. My wife always says that I am "quiet" in company and she hates that. Last night we had Bernie and his wife over for dinner and Lenore said "are you going to talk tonight or just sit there quiet?" Well, I was so excited about the course that Lenore said I was talking all night long. I was actually teaching the pegs and presidents to Bernie and he caught on much better than I did. It was amazing to me how easily he made the associations. Well, I could go on and on about the benefits of Quantum Mind/Memory Genius™, but let's give someone else his or her turn. I'm proud of myself for what I've learned thus far. I can now believe in myself because of my success so far. I need to make these changes in my life. Thank You, Jack for this opportunity to learn, and Yes, I can do it!"

Warren W. Cowan | D.D.S. (Age 82)

smiling girl

Learning doesn’t have to be a drag. Using the same tricks and techniques that Jack has perfected over the decades, you’ll discover that learning isn’t just fast and easy – it’s FUN!!


When you are constantly amazing, astonishing, impressing, and astounding yourself and everyone else around you, learning isn’t a chore or a bore – it’s a BLAST!!


Throughout the 9 hour program, Jack manages to keep everything upbeat, funny, engaging, interesting, and motivating. Maybe that’s because he’s just such a People person...


As you learn how to learn and develop accelerated learning skills, you’ll:

• Improve Your Memory
• Enjoy Deeper Concentration &
• Tap Into the Triad of Human Health


For perhaps the FIRST time ever, you’ll be able to access and engage TOTAL learning ability:

• Visual Learning
• Auditory Learning
• Hands-On, Kinesthetic Learning


Along the way, unprecedented secrets and systems of learning will literally unfold before you. Uncover the...

• 12 Steps for Personal Success
• 7 Shared Habits of the Successful
• 3 Keys to Instant Vocabulary Power
• 12 Rules for Highly Effective Memory
• 10 Secrets of Successful Spelling
• 8 Earth-Shattering Secrets for Tapping your Mind

...and oh so much more!


"On behalf of the students of Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, and Broward Community College who participated in our "Keys to Success Seminar," thank you. Your energy and talents empowered the entire room with a great sense of self-confidence through memory power. I truly believe our students feel their potential is now unlimited through your dynamic style and message. They tasted the systematic approach to recalling and inputting data from the brain and want more." 

Steven W. Miller | Associate Dean of Student Affairs | Broward Campuses


ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00



daughter learning

Look at all of the hours and dollars you’ve already invested in your education...


class of studentsWhat if after all of that time and money, total transformation could be as few as 9 measly hours away? Would you consider that a SACRIFICE, or the most priceless treasure on earth, delivered YOUR way RIGHT away?

"The memory tapes are fantastic! I have listened and have studied all of them. They are outstanding! If you have other tapes that I can buy, send me the catalog.


1. Attached is a 27-item script that I have used to help my daughter’s school in fund-raising. I don’t know if they want their name published, but I thought that you would appreciate seeing how the tapes work for me. It has taken me 40 minutes to "visualize" (not "memorize") the script. Your pegs work great!


2. I have used the topical pegs to introduce speakers at a recent management function. It has taken me less than 30 minutes to "visualize" about a page of introductions.


3. I have previously remembered names by relating names to something on people’s heads. With listening to your tapes, I now do a better job finding other objects on people’s faces (particularly cheek bones). It works great, and I have used it in several meetings recently.


4. Linking the numbers together in a story dramatically reduces the time to visualize the pegs. It is easier for me to remember the names in a linked story than by smelling, touching, and hearing the concepts. Visualization is definitely the key. Your idea on that subject is great!


5. Your idea in tape 6 to remember things in groups of 5 makes sense. To remember Spanish words, I review after putting five new pictures/words into the right brain, and that seems to work better than doing it after every 20 (perhaps the right brain likes small groups of pictures).


6. You’re right! It really is exciting to repeat back the 20 digit number. Jack, thank you so much for the tapes."

Michael Ray | CLU, CPCU, Executive Vice President | American Bankers Insurance Group


We’ve introduced them to university and college professors and baffled and bewildered them...We’ve taught these same techniques to COUNTLESS companies and organizations, transforming lukewarm corporate educational cultures into accelerated learning groups thirsting for knowledge...

"I’ve had a lot of excellent training in my twenty years with Bell South but no course was as motivational or as mentally stimulating as your 'Dynamics of Remembering Names and Faces.' Your course has expanded my capacity for remembering names, faces, numbers, facts, etc., beyond my greatest expectations. After learning a twenty-digit number I was so excited over this accomplishment, that I was awake most of the night. My mind was racing, expanding the numerical sequence from twenty to 40, 60, 80, and then 100 digits. I’ve tested the system many times in the past few days, both on names, faces, and numbers, and it really works! I truly believe your teaching will be something I can use effectively the rest of my life. Already, in both business and social contacts, it has proven valuable. Thank you again for being such an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the course."

Richard S. Kip | Manager-Corporate and External Affairs | Bell South

We’ve taken students (Kindergarten through College) that the system labeled "impossible," "lost cause," and "learning disabled" and turned them into the brightest, most engaged, and enthusiastic kids in the classroom.... As you progress through the audio program and the supplemental hands-on workbook that’s included with the Memory Genius® package, it won’t take long to discover that our approach to learning is markedly different from ANYTHING you’ve encountered in the studentpast.



This isn’t memorization, it isn’t cramming, and it isn’t at all esoteric or metaphysical. It’s just Jack’s solution for today’s biggest educational roadblock, the fact that – EXHORTATION WITHOUT EXPLANATION LEADS TO FRUSTRATION...

Are you wondering about the hoops you’ll have to jump through, or stressing out over the skills you think you’ll NEED to bring to the table?


Well, breathe easy my friend...


You’re guaranteed to get the most out of the Memory Genius® Program, but ONLY if you follow each and every one of the 12 steps spelled out for you below.



"When we first met my constant lament was, 'I just can’t remember names' This might not have been so bad if my life’s work wasn’t always so involved with people. Twenty years as an IBM executive, then years as an ADP executive, ten years of political involvement, two terms as a Mayor, twenty years of church leadership, twenty years of civic involvement – believe me – I did a lot of faking it, which always caused me concern and may times embarrassment.

I’m happy I met you and you accepted me as a personal challenge. After just a few hours, I can not only remember names and faces, but also can now 'store and retrieve' any data I choose to recall by using your amazingly simple techniques. I was really proud of my newfound ability and thought I was pretty smart to learn to use my immediate, short-term, and long-term memory so quickly – that was – until I taught my 7 and 9 year old granddaughters to recognize forty names and faces in under an hour!

I also used your system with two groups of junior high school students that I teach basic economics to. This course, through the sponsorship of Junior Achievement, is excellent. My concern was that after working with over 350 young people, their retention of even the most basic economic rules was very poor. My last semester I started the class off with your systems. They gained confidence with the names and faces system and learned the Ten Plaques – using 'memory hooks.' The rest was easy. As I went through my course material, I simply tied key items to a hook. IT WORKED, and at the end of the semester most of the class remembered the key items I wanted to leave them with. By the length of this letter, you can tell that you made a believer out of me."

F.E. (Ken) McNabb, Jr. | Vice President, General Manager | Automatic Data Processing


ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00


TeachingThe 12 Mandatory Steps for Success...

1. Be teachable... allow yourself to be taught.
2. Maintain a positive attitude... and use positive reinforcement.

3. Use multi-sensory involvement (whole body learning).
4. Take notes.

5. Tell someone what you’ve learned.
6. Teach someone what you’ve learned.

7. Abstain from mind-drainers (alcohol and drugs).
8. Drink lots of water.

9. Oxygenate your blood.

10. Get plenty of rest.

11. Look for practical applications you can use everyday.

12. Do the exercises in this workbook!


While the Memory Genius® system is faster, easier, and more fun than any other learning program currently available, there’s still a very important fact to keep in mind: NO ONE BECOMES A MASTER AT ANYTHING WITHOUT PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE!

happy crowdThere’s NO Better Way to Guarantee Personal Success!

We shape our lives by modeling after the best: and the best of the best – the sine qua non – is that which transforms our thinking! Jack Lannom’s Memory Genius® Series is just such a transformational program – and Jack is your transformational coach:


  • Based on 35 years of intensive research and development
  • Time tested methods that super-charge your learning
  • Proven in the marketplace of Fortune 500 companies
  • Nationally recognized AS a leader BY leaders.
  • Endorsed by schools, university, corporations, entrepreneurs, churches, individuals, and families from coast to coast and around the world



"What can I say about your outstanding program on memorization? A company like ours, which prides itself in its relationships with the business world, finds remembering names and faces a very vital tool in making all of our owners, clients, as well as subcontractors, feel important. Using your proven techniques, we strive to make everyone who comes in contact with Centex Construction Company feel important. We found your style and humor entertaining, and your enthusiasm refreshing. We would be glad to recommend you to anyone who is interested in memory techniques."

Bob Moss | President and CEO | Centex Construction Company, Inc.


"Setting: Jack was in a restaurant. A person in the restaurant, recognized him...and came over and gave him this note on a napkin: Thank you for the Quantum Mind/Memory Genius™.  We’ve just started the program - us and our kids. We appreciate you, Kathryn Gavitt.


Look at all the lives you touch. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Wow!  What can I say.  You have unlocked the uniqueness of my brilliant mind.  What a feeling. This unlocking is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, not because I can regurgitate 30 numbers forwards and backwards, but because my eyes were open to the fact that I am somebody!  I am me – unique, creative, and versatile. 


The human mind is wonderful, and I thank you, Jack, for showing me my mind’s abilities.  You have taught me something so very priceless.  My right brain tingles all over.  I feel as though I can’t absorb enough.  My mind is a sponge and wants to grasp all that is humanly possible. Gold couldn’t replace what you taught me."

Melissa Constant | Personnel-Benefits Coordinator | Mark, Fore & Strike


Refuse to conform to the status quo... Set your sights on new horizons. Dare to be different! We know that you’re ready – it shows more than you might imagine:

Memory Genius

• You already enjoy a measure of personal success in life
• You invest in yourself and your future without reservations
• You own, believe in, and act on specific core values
• You are goal oriented and mission driven
• You seek new methods to effectively reach your goals
• You do things the "old-fashioned way" earn it!
• You expect results from yourself first, then others
• You have invested in other self-help tools
• You recognize the opportunities for self-improvement

If you were able to answer "yes" to at least 6 of the above 9 points, then Memory Genius® is especially designed with YOU and YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND LOVED ONES in mind. EXPECT RESULTS...



ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00

You Are A Genius

From the very first session, you will learn and master practical skills that you can immediately put back into your life – both business and personal. That sets the pace for the entire program package. You can expect the same dramatic results with each of the subsequent 17 sessions (18 in all). Powerful, practical, high-yield results presented at a low-cost price – and in a pleasing format designed to both educate and entertain.

"I don’t know what you do and how often you have to remember things on a day-to-day basis, but all I have to say is this: ‘The Jack Lannom Memory Course can change your life in just a few minutes.’

A number of years ago I had to ‘cram’ a large amount of information into my memory for a test the next day.. While I was in ‘panic study,’ the television happened to be on in the background. All of a sudden there was this guy talking about: ‘How to improve your memory.’ It was Jack Lannom. He started giving examples. Right there on the spot I starting applying his examples to the information I was studying. It was amazing. The info ‘stuck.’ I had it. The effort to memorize was minimal. As a result I passed the exam the next day. Later on, I again found some valuable information on Jack's web newsletter. This was information I was able to apply in my business the very next day. It was a simple read. Again, the results were terrific.

If you have been frustrated with self-improvement information, NOT GETTING TO THE POINT... NOT HAVING ANY PRACTICAL APPLICATION... NOT BEING PRESENTED IN PLAIN AND SIMPLE LANGUAGE. And most of all...DOES NOT WORK... Then you will be very happy to read what Jack Lannom has to say. It will change your life, for the better, the very same day...."

John St. George | President, St. George Productions Inc. | Plantation, Florida.






















"Hello Jack - Thank you for a marvelous book and easy-to-learn philosophy.

I purchased four People First® books in Oslo last summer, after having got to know you through the Quantum Mind course. Used your technique to teach my students (10 years old) some lists, like e.g., the names and order of the 9 planets in our solar system. They loved it! And I have used it to learn the names of my 37 new students alphabetically, and it really was amazing how I knew them before even meeting them.


Now I have had the principles of the People First® pyramid in my mind during the half year gone by in my new class, and I daily observe how using these powerful words makes them lighten up and get motivated.

Good luck, and see you in Norway!"

Knut Hagen | Oslo, Norway


ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00

You Are A Genius


Jack’s animated style, colorful use of metaphors and analogies, and his keen ability to bring the imagination to life all work to re-introduce the JOY OF LEARNING in each segment!


  • The entire program places the latest information and technological breakthroughs at your fingertips. Truly state-of-the-art.
  • Information is broken into easily "absorbable" chunks: the program is presented in modular form, which promotes easy, thorough, systematic learning.
  • Interactive learning modality: a 133-page workbook is included with the CD package.
  • To help you grasp the material and concepts presented, the book has been fully illustrated throughout – over 300 illustrations!
  • For maximum impact and success, the program engages whole brain learning techniques (left and right brain hemispheres).
  • The program engages your total learning ability – auditory – visual – kinesthetic - for maximum effectiveness.


"I was most privileged to participate along with other members of Caterpillar Americas Company in your Learning Styles course. I am grateful to Caterpillar Americas for affording me the opportunity and to you for the most dynamic, thought-provoking, motivating, training I have experience in years. During my twenty-eight year career with the United States army, I was blessed with the best leadership training available anywhere; beyond that, I was granted countless opportunities to lead, teach, and train others in situations more challenging than most of my generation can imagine. I am a graduate of the United States Military Academy, and returned there in 1980 as an associate professor. I was honored to command at every level from platoon to regiment, and for two of those years was responsible for the leader training of all lieutenants and captains in the army’s tank/cavalry corps. I related the forgoing only to drive home the point that I have dedicated much of my professional life to training and higher education.


Now employed by Caterpillar Americas in the field of performance improvement, I try to stay abreast of new teaching and training methodologies but very seldom run across anything I would consider new or exciting. Not, however, until your Learning Styles course. I am indebted to you, Jack, for opening my eyes and my conscience to a completely new realm of learning and development that I am anxious to explore. Your work holds unimaginable promise to those of us dedicated to maximizing human performance."

Donald N. Elder | Caterpillar Americas Company



ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00

You Are A Genius



These and other FEATURES are built into the program to help you gain maximum benefit from each of the 18 powerful lessons. The benefits that grow out of the instruction are yours for a lifetime.

  • You will learn everything FASTER
  • You will learn how to triple your efficiency
  • You will learn how to work smarter
  • You will retain what you learn much longer
  • You will never again be handicapped by a poor memory
  • You will earn job promotions and raises easier, faster
  • You will score higher on test with far less effort.
  • You will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
  • You will learn to systematize information efficiently


While we can’t get any younger, we certainly can get smarter. We can drink life down to the last drop. We can absorb knowledge like a sponge. If we can believe, we can achieve!

What’s holding you back? Aren’t you ready to harness the untapped potential of your brain once and for all? Can’t you almost smell the success already? The promotions? The report cards? The opportunities?

Audio Testimonials

But don’t just take our word for it.... Look at what Memory Genius® has ALREADY accomplished for so many: Listen to the following testimonials taken from a radio spot on Jack’s Quantum Mind product – newly updated now to: Memory Genius.



For fun interactive software for your children ages 6 and up – see You are a Genius®

ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00

You Are A Genius





The above video is an opening 29-minute preview segment of a Jack Lannom Presentation on Quantum Mind – now updated and enhanced called "Memory Genius" Quantum Mind - The Secrets of Maximum Mental Performance Video