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You Are A Genius

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Video Testimonials

Bob Lizana - Owner/General Contractor – How he used to take test for his business and with his children.

David Younts - CEO – Don Shula’s Steakhouse Restaurants – How he used with the employees at his restaurant chain.
Dr. Abraham Fischer - Chairmen Emeritus of Nova Southeastern University – How he used and acknowledge’s Jack Memory Program.




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Calling All Parents!!!

As a mother or father, there’s no greater gift that you can give your child than the love of learning. But, in order to teach your child to love learning, the first thing you have to do is teach him HOW to learn!


But you and I both know that, when it comes to kids, things are NEVER that simple... Just ask anyone who’s ever tried to get their kids to eat broccoli, clean their rooms, or mind their manners.


Kids eager to learnThe fact is, if you want to reach your kids, you’ve got to do it on THEIR level. But the minute you do, suddenly, the sky is the limit.


Jack Lannom - a world-class author, speaker, corporate leadership coach, and Kung Fu legend – knows this firsthand. During high school, he struggled to keep his head above water. Read a book for fun? No way!


It wasn’t that he didn’t WANT to be a better student; he just had absolutely no idea how to go about making it happen. The traditional system just wasn’t working. But that didn’t dampen his desire to go to college. Despite the struggles and difficulties, Jack made it in – if only on a probationary status.


Then one day, out of the blue, Jack met a man that would change the way he looked at learning for the rest of his life. And now, thanks to that man, Jack is teaching the exact same principles who revolutionized his life to men, women, and children from all across the globe!


And, as they say, the rest is history. Today, Jack has made it his mission to share his secrets to educational success with as many people as he possibly can in his effort to change the world for the better, one person, one organization at a time.

Not only did he pioneer the longest-running "mind training" program in the history of PBS, he’s also gone on to create memory enhancement methods geared towards adults and children... Even children as young as 6!

A Man With a Mission: Helping Children Learn How to Learn

Learn all of the presidents

You Are A Genius® is a ground-breaking learning CD-ROM built with little learners in mind. Unlike flash cards or other "learning" tools, the You Are A Genius® program is a visual symbol system that is not only interactive, it’s FUN!!!


As impossible as it seems, in just a matter of mere HOURS, your child will discover a new way to retain information. Within moments of opening the program, your child will be well on his way to "Wowing" you when they can EFFORTLESSLY name off the 9 planets of the solar system and the 43 Presidents of the United States.


Imagine that... Being able to ask your son or daughter who the 23rd President was and hearing them answer (with ease), "Benjamin Harrison!"... Just don’t be surprised if their answer is followed by a frog croak and a giggle...

How it Works: The Magic of Professor G!


The beauty of visual symbol learning is that new knowledge is reinforced on a number of different levels: numerically, verbally, and visually and (a favorite among kids) somewhat absurdly!


Unlike a number of other learning programs that focus on right-brain OR left-brain logic, the You Are A Genius® program, at long last, offers a program that incorporates WHOLE brain learning.


Right-brain learners often rely heavily on visual symbols, while left-brained students tend to respond more positively when learning entails reading and logic.


Child learning on computerSadly, far too many educators severely underestimate the power of visual symbols. Visual symbols are so potent, so effective, at boosting your mental recall that it only makes sense that they have the power to DRAMATICALLY enhance your child’s ability to learn (it does wonders for the adult brain, too!)


As a matter of fact, studies have shown that we learn a whopping 83% of what we know through visualization, while all of the other senses combined account for only 17%...


Undoubtedly, visualization is THE MOST powerful learning tool we have at our disposal!


The Sillier, The Better


All visualization is NOT created equal...


When mental images are exaggerated – even absurd – and paired with action and emotion, they become VERY memorable.


Why? Because these types of qualities DEMAND your (and your child’s) attention!


This is a principle of learning that Jack has long understood, which is why You Are A Genius® takes full advantage of this philosophy.

Let us explain...


If you were to picture a lone monkey perched on top of your mailbox, you might remember that image... But why stop there?

You’re MUCH more likely to remember thousands of monkeys jumping, chattering and munching bananas in, on, and all around your mailbox!


Why? Because the action of the monkeys romping around adds strength to the wild and crazy idea of having monkeys monkey-ing around your mailbox and makes the image UNFORGETTABLE!


This added emotion and activity serves to further cement the image in your mind.

These don’t even have to be POSITVE emotions...


Young girl learning on a laptopIf you’re filled with joy at the sight of monkeys swarming your mailbox because you just can’t get enough of those little primates, your joy will enhance your memory.


On the flip side, if you’re terrified of monkeys, the power of your emotion will intensify and solidify the mental image just as well (and sometimes, even better!) Simply put: ANY authentic emotion combined with visualization will only work to enhance your recall, regardless of whether you’re 6, 7, or 77.


But the power of the program doesn’t stop there... As you’ll see, this program also teaches you how to create strong mental connections between what has ALREADY been learned.


Case in point: to remember the name "Jim," you could think of the word "gem" – a word that not only SOUNDS the same, but can easily be used to form powerful mental images.


So, you could think of Jim as a "gem" of a guy, or you might notice that he has bright, penetrating blue eyes and start thinking of his eyes as sparkling sapphire gems.


Making these associations will make it all that much easier for you to remember his name the next time you meet.


As simple as this all sounds, it’s the simplicity that makes this program and philosophy so effective – especially when you’re dealing with little minds. Without a doubt, visualizing in this way will GREATLY enhance mental recall.


You Are A Genius

ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00

Meet Professor G...


You Are A Genius CD-Rom

Professor G is a kooky, slightly rambunctious instructor that kids of ALL ages are instantly taken with. This is a fellow that knows firsthand that learning was NEVER supposed to be dull or boring.


Professor G’s lessons begin with an introduction to the Visual Symbol System as he guides you through the numbers 1-10.


Proud parents of their smart child"Plain old numbers" suddenly become cool (even exciting) as Professor G transforms 1s into pens, 3s into lips, 6s into monkey’s tails and 9s into balloons on sticks.


As they sit there, absorbing the symbol system like a sponge, within minutes Professor G encourages them with powerful praise ("You Are A Genius®!") and steers them ahead to the next lesson, learning the 9 planets of the solar system.


Remember the 1 that turned into a pen? In this lesson, that pen fills with mercury and doubles as a thermometer and, VOILA! Your child will have no trouble remembering that Mercury is the first planet.


Remember the 3 that turned into lips? Now those lips are kissing Mother Earth and POOF! Your child will forever remember that the Earth is the third planet from the sun.


Watch and see for yourself, this program works like MAGIC!!!


Once they’ve got the solar system down pat, the next step is to learn the Visual Symbols for the remaining numbers, up to 43 (to cover every President so far, which they’ll shortly begin memorizing with ease!)


Broken down into bite-sized pieces of no more than 10 objects at a time, followed by a quiz to engage and reinforce the recall, you’ll soon find that your kids just won’t be able to get enough of this stuff!


Once your son or daughter has mastered the numbers 1-43, it’s time to get down to business and start learning those Presidents.



This portion of the program is SO powerfully entertaining that your child may respond with uncontrollable fits of laughter, animal noises, Martian sounds, or seemingly strange phrases such as "chew-pit-ear" and "Been jammin’ with my hairy son..."

You Are A Genius


Before you know it, you’ll be able to randomly quiz your child: Lincoln was which President? Who was the 30th President? What number President was Andrew Jackson?...And have them respond with ALL the right answers (even if YOU have to go look it all up online just to refresh YOUR memory!)


Children eager to learnHey, it might not be such a bad idea to set aside a little time of your own for some one-on-one tutoring with the zany Professor G!


In the end, you’ll have made an investment in your child’s educational future that will pay off in dividends for the rest of their life! This isn’t just about learning the planets and the Presidents – it’s about learning HOW to learn in a powerful, empowering way.


It’s your chance to give your child a competitive edge in the classroom...

An opportunity to build their confidence and self-esteem...


You’ll be building a better way of "storing" important information so efficiently and effectively that they will walk away with the power of INSTANT recall...


What parent DOESN’T want these blessings for their kids? What child ISN’T looking for an exciting, entertaining way to "train their minds" for a lifetime of learning? Now you can BOTH have your cake and eat it too!


Take the Challenge! We’re so confident that this program will revolutionize the way your child learns that we’re on a mission... Give us your educational "throwaways," those kids abandoned by the traditional education system, and we’ll transform them into tomorrow’s valedictorians. We WILL increase their learning quotient (no matter what age or grade) by 500%!


We want to teach EVERY student how to identify and utilize their own unique learning style for the absolute MAXIMUM benefit.

Our programs will give people from every age and grade the confidence they need to learn ANYTHING they want to learn and become EVERYTHING they wish to become.


This is what we want for your child or grandchild, and we know you want it, too!

You Are A Genius® is available in the Windows version and the software is appropriate for "kids" from 6 to 106.


You Are A Genius



You Are A GeniusThis product is new on the market – Here is just the beginning of what parents have to say about it....We would love to add yours to the list.

"When our copy of You’re a Genius arrived, I don’t know who was more eager to start playing – me or my eight-year old son!


My son went out and flew through learning the solar system. Then, he moved on to the Presidents. Even though he’s only in the 3rd grade (and they haven’t exactly tackled American Government and History yet), he soared right through the first 20 Presidents and couldn’t get enough of Professor G’s silly antics and warm praise. After all, what 8 year old DOESN’T want to hear what he’s known all along – "You ARE a genius!"?


Of course, always a kid at heart, I had to test the program out myself. I spent over a month in high-school "memorizing" the President and still only managed to get an 88 on the exam.


After only 2 hours (believe me, my son was getting impatient!), I knew the Presidents and their proper order with almost PERFECT recall. Now, weeks later, I put myself to the test again and only missed 1 (after which I simply added a "new" association and now know I’ll NEVER forget it again!) This program is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! I think parents and educators across the world should get their hands on the Lannom Learning Methods! If only there was one of these for the Periodic Table of Elements... Warmest Regards."

Jennifer Gibbs, Marketer, Author, and Parent



"I just wanted to send you an email and let you know that the software we ordered is absolutely incredible! Our children LOVE IT."
Tom Eagar, Senior Developer, Professional Global Marketing



"Dear Jack, Thank you for sharing your time with us this past Saturday morning at The Florida Power Team. Your incredible insight on the human spirit has regenerated hope for every relationship I am struggling with right now. By examining your words, I can see why so many of the strong bonds I have with people are in place... and why the others have not developed. I'm reading People First® and moving forward.

Jack, I also share my gratitude for your efforts in developing the 'You're A Genius' learning CD for children. During your seminar, I was impressed with your systemic learning and recall pattern... but to use it through children?

Wow!!, the results were immediate and impressive. My seven-year old daughter learned the Visual Symbol System and all nine planets in less than a half hour. And now she 'knows' them with instant recall. Here's what Daphne has to say...

'Thank you Mr. Lannom for making your game for kids to learn the planets. It was fun and easy to play. My Dad showed me first, but now I can do it all by myself. I know the planets now and the presidents are next. Your sounds are funny and make me laugh while I'm playing.'


Thanks again Jack, we'll keep you posted."

Adam Bricker | Marketing Strategist


You Are A Genius

ORDER NOW ...And you will receive our Special introductory offer for Jack’s New – Memory Genius program For only $235.00 Normally priced at $397.00  A savings today of: $162.00



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